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2006. "Ortus Artis 2006" : International Workshop Competition on garden and landscape, Certosa of S. Lorenzo, Padula Italy – 2nd place

2008. Küçükçekmece Town Center National Urban Design Project Competition –purchasing award

2009. Denizli Government Building Architectural Project and Near Surroundings Urban Design Project Competition – purchasing award

2015. Lüleburgaz Stars Art Academy Architecture Project Competition (with kaat architecture) – equivalent mention

2017. Plant Awards 2015-2016 Implemented Project Award: Sport and Wellness Center Landscape Project

2017. Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University Central Campus Urban Design Project Competition - 3rd mention

2017. 7 İklim 7 Bölge- Mahalle National Architecture and Urban Design Project Competition - Marmara Region 3rd place

2019. Akhisar Old Municipality Square and its Near Surroundings Through Traces of Urban Memory, National Architecture and Urban Design Idea Competition (with kaat architecture) – 1st mention

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